Some Recent Clocks

I realise that I haven’t written about or shown my work directly on this blog yet. I’ll start with a few images.

To find more about a clock, click on it to go to it on my Art Clocks website. You can also view all Art Clocks on a single page which is a very convenient way of getting a visual overview.


Sand-Pattern Wall Clock

Sand-Pattern Wall Clock

Diamond-Shaped Wall Clock by Art Clocks

Diamond-Shaped Wall Clock by Art Clocks

Rectangular Wall Clock by Art Clocks

Rectangular Wall Clock by Art Clocks



The One-Page Business Plan

One of the ideas in this book is that because setting up a business is stepping into the unknown, trying to think everything through before actually taking any action is likely to waste much time and effort. It is better to make a start as soon as possible and test the key aspects in the real world, so that if they work, great; and if they don’t, you have found out early on and can change your thinking.

Another thing presented is a one-page business plan template. Again the thinking is similar: most business plans have a lot of wishful thinking because the future cannot be known ahead of time. A short – instead of a long – business plan keeps focus on the essentials and is easy to modify and to refer to.

number of authors write on the Lean Business concept, and the ideas are becoming more widespread. This is the book I read, but you will find others, and other resources, on the web. 

Basically, the Lean business concept recommends seeing business as a series of experiments designed to give feedback as easily, rapidly and as cheaply as possible.

(P.s. I’m not being paid for pointing to this book. Also, the hardback version is easier to read than using a kindle for this one. Click the image above to preview the book.)

Noticing Things and Filling the Well

Crab Shell photo by John FraserWindscreen Ice Patterns, photo John FraserWWII Mine Remains - photo John Fraser


‘Noticing things and filling the well’ is a simple concept – it is being open to thoughts and observations and not discounting them. “Nice patterns on this purple crab shell”, “What a great frost pattern on my windscreen”, “I like the colours on this old rusty mine”.

Filling the well is an idea from Julia Cameron’s book ‘The Artist’s Way’ and she describes the concept in her Filling the Well blog post. We’re not talking extraordinary or original – but we are talking about consciously noticing things so we maintain a reservoir of ideas.

Our Brains

Here’s a short accessible Ted Talks video about how our brains work – mainly in terms of us having a divided brain (left and right hemispheres).

As most of us know, the two halves of the brain have different functions: one half tends to focus on detail, and the other half on the overview.

Iain McGilchrist ends by postulating a historic shift of balance between the hemispheres. 

It’s an interesting twelve-minute video – do have a look.

Creativity – Daily Starting

Part of how we evolved was to belong and to minimise risk to ourselves: to stay with the known, and to fit in with others. In creating anything there are loads of risks: it might not work at all; we might be unhappy with it; someone else might criticise us; we might be accused of spending time on ourselves and being selfish. We may have thoughts that creating something is grandiose – how could I think that anything I do could be worthwhile? You may be comparing what you’re new to and haven’t even started yet with the work of the leading people in your field. There is also the issue of taking initiative, we are doing something that we weren’t told to do – so any ‘blame’ would be ours and not someone else’s.

Lots of people find starting some or all sessions of doing stressful. Prevarication and distraction are common.

Starting may or may not be an issue for you. It seems to me that a lot of the issues revolve around feeling vulnerable. I’ve just seen and recommend a Ted Talks YouTube clip by Brené Brown:

She has also written books, and I’m part-way through reading

The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to be and Embrace Who You are: Brene Brown: Books.

This is the book of hers that I came across first, but there are others that might suit you better.

She also has a blog that you might want to check out:

Brene Bown’s Blog at